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Celebrate Your Sexy!

Celebrate Your Sexy!

Today I have a very special Boudoir blog post for you! It features Stephanie, a gorgeous and confident mom who was an absolute pleasure to photograph! She is also the brains behind Sano Nutrition based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! As you can see, she is extremely photogenic and easy on the eyes!

We met at my local studio in Cabo San Lucas for her Boudoir Session! Her hair and make up was done by Melissa Arellano, who did an impeccable job!

Once Stephanie was finished getting pampered and glammed up, it was time to get dressed! She brought many wardrobe options to choose from and with a huge array of options in our client closet, she had a hard time deciding what to wear! She ended up choosing a few pieces that I absolutely LOVE… (See below)

Even though she was a little nervous before our shoot (who wouldn't be?), Stephanie was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots.

Since we had such an amazing shoot, I asked her to share a little bit of advice for others who may want to have a boudoir session in the future. Here's what she had to say:

“Just do it! You will never look back in 40 years and regret this experience… If anything you will cherish it! Britni has a gift with making you feel so comfortable… This is the best photography experience I’ve ever had!”

That's definitely solid advice!

No more talking – let's get to the pictures!

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